Saturday, April 16, 2011

Aluminium slab casting equipment

1.Aluminium slab casting equipment
2.casting rate in excess of 95 percent
3.with excellent surface smoothness
Aluminium slab casting equipment

This equipment produces billets of various specifications to suit individual requirements

As the filtered molten aluminum is level on the casting table and flows under the first oxidation film, secondary pollution and metal oxidation loss are prevented.

To make the best use of the horizontal plane of the casting machine, the crystallizers can be designed as compact crystallizers for multiple casting.

Because of the fast flow rate of the molten aluminum and the reduced heat radiation, the casting temperature can be lowered, increasing the degree of crystallization when cooling, causing high auto-nucleation and fine-grained crystals.

In addition, the inherent characteristics of the short crystallizer cause the effective crystal height of the molten aluminum in the crystallizer to be shorter than with normal hot top casting, resulting in a shallow sump and very thin-shelled, uniformly grained castings with excellent surface smoothness.

Zhongnan Machinery specializes in producing aluminum melting and casting equipment, and providing professional layouts for our customers’ workshops. We have designed and produced a round rapid energy-efficient aluminum melting furnace, a same-level hot top casting system, and related equipment.

Since the establishment of our factory in 2003, we have supplied more than 300 sets of same-level hot top casting equipment with a casting rate in excess of 95 per cent, and become one of the most reliable manufacturers in this industry.

Our melting and casting equipment is not only being used by many large companies in China
, but we have also exported to Russia, Argentina, India, Thailand, Colombia, Albania and other countries.

Classical customers:

1,Alnan aluminum CO., Ltd

2,Jiangxi Longxiang Aluminum Co., Ltd

3,Changsha Hengjia Aluminum Co., Ltd

4,Zhejiang Zhongya Aluminium Co., Ltd

5,Luoyang Wanji Special Aluminium Alloy Co., Ltd

6,Zhejiang Dingfeng Aluminum Co., Ltd

7,Wujiang Longma Aluminum Co., Ltd

8,Interthai Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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